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The game is spotting all the positive CR among all the hatred




The Minato from his universe, the leader of Strega, and Jin's best friends and older brother, though they're not related by blood. He remembers Minato as the last child to be added to the experimentation group, and with his and Takaya's help, they were able to escape. They lived on the streets, and together they set up the Revenge Request website to make a living. Though he may have had second thoughts about some of Minato's ideas, he never once doubted him except when it came to Takaya.

Time in the Tower has only reaffirmed their bond as blood brothers, but it's also...messed with it. Opearting on his fellow Strega members is his biggest shame of all, and he knows Minato's a better person than him, making him a bad influence. Even if he doesn't quite understand conventional familial bonds, Minato had still had a normal life before the experiments, unlike the rest of them. He'll stick to Minato through thick and thin and remains loyal forevermore, but it's been awhile since he's been able to speak to his leader thoughtfully without baggage, and he'd rather hoist Minato on the humane path that he knows he wants than continue dragging him down.



Another member of Strega, Jin's sister and the one that would kick his ass into working on the upkeep of their old not-quite-home. Chidori is the one he's known the longest, and he still remembers her as the sickly girl in the orphanage from before the Kirijo Group even took them. The experiments didn't help her at all, and it was her timidity and sickliness when they escaped that encouraged his neuroticism and anger as a child. They go back and forth arguing which one of them is older, and even though she's the one that can heal, he's still pretty protective of her after their childhood. And the whole, getting kidnapped by SEES thing.

It's been a long, long time since he's actually talked to Chidori with any sort of confidence after Infighting, and he's been hermitting around too much and avoiding everyone to know what exactly's going on with her, and he kind of regrets it in retrospect. He'd still come running ot help her, as he did during the Shadow event, and he's trying to get over his own stigma to return back to their old relationship. Though she probably wouldn't approve of his borderline self-destructive crusade.



The newest and latest addition to the Crazy Strega Brigade, Jin initially wanted to leave Ken on the streets to fend for himself. He didn't care for or like him at all, but the kid came along at Jin's insistence. No scientist will ever be able to determine how or why, but eventually Jin started to warm up to Ken, and he was basically the little brother of Strega. He's not as protective or close to him as he is to the rest of Strega, but the idea of him being in SEES in another universe is frankly, disgusting.

And he is protective of Ken, like it or not. Though at the time it happened he just thought Ken was dumb, he was still angry at him for trying to volunteer to take his, Chidori and Minato's place in Jason's experiments, because sure enough, in the end it was futile. Ken in particular he tried to avoid after the month of June, and live went on without him. It's no one's fault but his own that he's grown more distant, and Ken has grown up and gotten more powerful without him. Rather than be more social though, he's perfect fine with Ken moving on without him or the rest of Strega, as he always had a future while the rest of them didn't.



Jin's roommate, a familiar face from another universe. One where Minato doesn't exist and Ken and Koromaru are members of SEES. Yeah, gross.

Back home, Jin and Shijiro were actually on reasonably good terms; they were... "friends" before Jin and the other kids were taken away to the experiments, and afterwards when they were both living on the streets on their own means, they kept in contact. They weren't quite friends, but they were a little more than acquaintances at least. Strega provided him with suppressants, and the two of them even snarked around every now and then before mysteriously disappearing. Then Shinjiro joined SEES, and Takaya killed him, and it was all downhill from there.

Jin didn't have...that may problems with Shinjiro when they first got to the Tower. But when Jin took out Minako during the Infighting event, Shinjiro completely lost his shit, almost killing Jin (which he only survived because of a sponsorship), before Jin killed Shinjiro himself a day or so later. Since Shinjiro ascended, their relationship has been a lot more vitriolic and hateful, and frankly, Jin doesn't want anything to do with him if he's going to be on SEES' side.



The leader of SEES, who seems to be from the same universe as Shinjiro. Plainlly put, Jin doesn't like her. She's the leader of SEES, their ultimate opponent, and a goody-two-shoes defender of Justice who thinks she's heroic and righteous. Or at least, that's what she is from his point of view.

Jin stays away from her as much as possible, except for during the Labyrinth event, wher ehe killed her without a second thought. Really, it wasn't even anything personal, even if he didn't like her. He was just playing the game and trying to get out. Shinjiro didn't like that very much, but Jin didn't actually hold it against anyone. What pisses him off more is the fact that she still acts reasonably civl towards him, instead of out and out hating him like a normal person.



An alternate version of Minato from a universe where Minato was the leader of SEES.

Yeah, fuck that.

Needless to say, Jin really doesn't like this guy. He's his leader only part of the very opposing force that they hate and fight against, he's his best friend raised with a normal life, and he's his brother who doesn't even know his last name. This Minato hits a bit of a sore spot, especially since-- again, in his universe-- Ken and Koromaru are in SEES, while Jin, Chidori and Takaya are still living in the pits.



The leader of another group of Persona-users from some hick town that Jin's never heard of. It should be obvious by now, that Jin really didn't like Yu at first. He was another righteous goody-two-shoe, but was somehow even more aggravating than Minami. Probably because hew as always touting his ideals about friendship and truth and blah blah blah.

And then when Yu got screwed up during the Infighting experiments, he... actually felt kind of bad for the guy. It was hard not to sympathize with his podmates after all the shit Jason did, so Jin actually cut him some slack. Yu tried to console him after he got his personality back after the operations, and even though it was ineffectual at the time, it sort of did help.

After that, the two actually had civil interactions from time to time. Sure, Yu bashed his face in with a metal sign when he and Minato went crazy, but he kind of deserved it. Not even Jin knew what happened, when he didn't find himself completely hating this guy. Culminating to the point where the two decided to screw it and play some video games when they got body swapped, and Jin accepted Yu's offer to help him with his Persona and with Suzaku without any kind of self-hating for accepting it. Yu's offer spurred Jin to help the switch-back effort, and at the party afterwards, Yu became the receiver of a historic expression of gratitude from Jin for the help.



A Persona-user from yet another group that Jin doesn't even know about. Jin met him when Eikichi and Tatsuya stopped Al Saiduq and Moros from killing him when the prior made the latter go berserk. The help was nice, but it's not like Jin actually needed it, given the death reset.

He claimed that there was some way to fix Moros from being a crazy bastard and to get rid of the Persona, but Jin immediately wrote off the very notion of it, and wrote Eikichi off as annoying. Especially since he set him up on a blind date with a guy three or four years younger than him.



A Persona-user from Eikichi's team. He first met Tatsuya when he and Eikichi stopped Moros from killing him when Al Saiduq tried to mercy kill him. A normal person would be a lot more grateful, but Jin didn't really care about their efforts, though Moros no longer trying to snap his neck was a pretty cool thing.

The only other time he's really seen Tatsuya was when Tatsuya and the other Persona Leaders stopped him and Minato from rampaging after the Infighting Event. He holds a bit more vitriol for Tatsuya than the others, in return for Tatsuya's vitriol at Minato. From that, he can guess that Tatsuya's the leader of his own team, but that's all he knows.



The leader of a fourth group of Persona-users, though Jin doesn't know anything about him or the rest of his team. Jin only recognizes him from when the Persona Leaders ended his and Minato's crazy spree after the Infighting event. He's not very fond of Naoya, though he barely remembers he exists.

They did have a friendly round of Halo after the body-swap crap, and though Chidori hopes he learned something from it about their crazy personas, Jin highly doubts it. He does have some weird, rainbow protractor that was apparently from Naoya, but he thinks the guy was just making fun of him or something. Asshole.



Some guy with mysterious powers whose name Jin doesn't even know. He found him when he was talking to Sayaka about Sci-Fi, and he cut in to the conversation. This turned out to be a mistake, when Al Saiduq had a bad reaction to Jin's presence, and forcefully summoned Moros to the forefront after teleporting Sayaka away. He would've been either killed by Moros or mercy-killed by Al Saiduq if it hadn't been for Tatsuya and Eikichi's intervention, and they were able to quell the Persona. Since then, Jin has basically just stayed the fuck away from him. For his own health for once.



Jin briefly encountered him once while he and Sayaka were collecting information, though they remained cagey and unhelpful when he tried to talk to them.

They had a more legitimate interaction during the body swap, wherein Naoya was stuck in April's body, and he and Jin worked together on the team that would hack the terminals to get the liquids to switch back. They were both the ones in front of the computer trying to replicate Jason's process for two days straight, and Naoya was also the one that sorted things out when Jin was getting annoyed. Hard not to respect a guy when you spend hours upon hours with him and some computer coding.



If Jin's friendship with Yu is weird, his friendship with Sayaka is every weirder. A girl who's something called a "Puella Magi," whose magic focuses around something called a Soul Gem. It was because of that that they met, as when it was malfunctioning, Jin fell into his old drug-dealing business habits and offered her the use of his suppressants to see if it would stop her magic from going crazy. It didn't work, but his first impression of her wasn't as an aggravating idiot, and it made him her only confidant on Puella Magi woes for the time being. When she showed up on the network making a guide to help people learn to type on the damn computer, their oddball friendship was basically cemented.

Though he wouldn't know how or why himself, they've stuck together for whatever reason. He doesn't know why Sayaka helped him during the Labyrinth, but he returned the favor when she turned into a Witch. He fought it alongside Lina, Nagi and Mami, and delivered her the Grief Seed. So he's probably one of the only people who know her freaky magical medical problems. Though the sight of her made him sick after Infighting, her lack of addressing the problem meant she was one of the only ones he could talk to afterwards. She provided him a project to distract himself (and he even fixed her CD player for her, without her knowing), and their carry-on of OP-kun's legend reinforced a friendship that was already strong. He ends up going along with a lot of her hare-brained schemes, and his ridiculous loyalty factor definitely applies to her. They're two trolling, mentally unstable kids with shitty luck.



Sayaka's roommate, and the proverbial red-headed step-sibling between the three. He knows her as Sayaka's loudmouth roommate, and she's so excitable and spazmatic that her reactions when he makes fun of her are absolutely priceless, and thus he continues. He DOES know she's capable of some serious firepower, as they've fought Sayaka's witch and a horde of monsters as part of the Magical Suicidal Nuke Squad together during the whale event. And when you fight shit like that, it's hard not to have SOME kind of comradarie.

Doesn't mean he won't make fun of her forever though. It's hard to say if you'd call them friends, but he doesn't out and out hate her or act completely apathetic to her, so that's something.



Jin never caught her name, but Nanoha is another "teammate" of the Suicidal Magical Nuke Squad during the whale event. She willfully joined them to stop waves of monsters when the whale attacked, even though they all eventually succumbed to Sayaka's witch. He hasn't seen her since, but her attacks were impressive enough that he didn't totally write her off at least.

Though there's always the chance that she's another hero of justice type, and that would be really gross and stupid.



Ah, Suzaku. What do we even say about this one? Jin first found out about him when Suzaku sold out Minato during the Hitori Kakurenbo event. While it wasn't pleasant, he could've let it go. But he was getting stir-crazy and annoyed by being in the Tower, and he ran into Suzaku at the wrong time, and he had an excuse to lash out at him. And so he did. Ever since then, the two have had a relationship that was far, far less than pleasant.

The two have clashed at various times and places in the Tower, both physically and verbally, though one has never been able to beat the other, and neither of them have ever tried to clear the air between them. As time went on, Suzaku gave more reasons for Jin to hate him, talking like a righteous asshole and a martyr, feeling sorry for himself, and altogether being one of those wishes-he-was-a-hero types that just pisses Jin off.

So of course, this all meant that come the body-swap, Jin ended up in Suzaku's body. Because life's a bitch. For a while, Jin didn't even care, and even enjoyed it when he got to rub his new athleticism in Yu's face. Receiving Suzaku's memories though? Just made him more angry at him. Why did this guy try so hard to help a country that hated him, to the point of murdering his own family? Not to mention he basically hunted down terrorists for a living, and still tried to help people even though no one wanted him around, and let's not even get started on Euphie's death. There's no sympathy from Jin anymore to see what a weakling Suzaku had acted like in the past, especially not when Suzaku almost killed himself and kept Jin from switching back at the end of the week. Honestly, he's sadistically happy with with Suzaku having to deal with Moros for a few days. Although he did punch Lelouch for geassing him, so that has to count for something, right?



Jin's first conversation with Lelouch was during the bodywap, when Lelouch had switched with Yu and Jin learned that he couldn't die. Like, even more than usual, thanks to the Live geass that Lelouch had given Suzaku. So the first thing Jin did for Lelouch was punch Yu in the face, so that he would wake up after the body-swap crap with a nice black-eye.

Though he was angry about the geass at first, he doesn't really hate Lelouch, and the guy's abilities came in handy when Yu was using them. Though he probably wouldn't ask this guy to geass his Persona now, seeing as he only remembers him from Suzaku's memories. It's basically just gonna be a really weird situation if they ever talk as themselves.



Gamzee is the first troll that Jin's ever met, and to this day, he still doesn't know the guys name. They first met when Gamzee was getting high off sopor and wanted to share with Jin (which he refused), but their truly hateful relationship didn't start until Jin ran into him during the Labyrinth. Though Jin didn't actually kill him, he was nothing but threatening and rude to a drugged-up and scared Gamzee, and it didn't help that Jin made fun of him too once they got out. Much like his relationship with Suzaku, they've run into each other every now and then in the Tower, and it's always been an argument and Jin making fun of Gamzee's inability to speak like a normal human-being.

Unbeknownst to Jin, the arguments and vitriol made Gamzee develop a rather embarrassing blackcrush on him, which he still doesn't know about and has no intention of ever validating. Because from Jin's point of view, Gamzee is just some annoying, stupid kid that gets in his way. He kind of felt bad after operating on him, but the troll managed to chew him out for that, and from then on it's just been more anger and hate.



The first time Jin met Dave was during the Infighting Event in Jason's pod, so that already sets it up for horrible and awkward. He felt bad for him, and of course, Jin's cut most of the podmates slack after that event. But then, not only Jin operate on the guy, he almost killed him when Minato went crazy. Jin was pretty damn harsh to the kid, without even meaning to be.

Then Eikichi threw his stupid blind date party, which happened in the middle of Jin's hardcore hermitting period. He only investigated 'cause there was a weird paper on his door, and apparently the two of them had been set up for a blind date. Jin almost wanted to puke then and there, but Dave acted like everything was fine, and offered to just pretend nothing had happened. The gesture was surprising, but Dave wasn't mad, and so Jin accepted. It was a pleasant surprise, which he still appreciates it in his own, weird Shirato way.



Another podmate, with whom Jin exchanged some morbid, sarcastic quips with and actually received a name from. He liked her well enough, but like many others, up until this point he had been too afraid and ashamed to talk to any of the podmates after he was forced to play doctor in the last week. He exchanged few words with her afterwards anonymously, but still hasn't dealt with his problems. He knows she's Sayaka's roommate, so while that means Feferi has to deal with the headache that is Sayaka, he knows she's probably safe.



Jin was introduced to England as the country rather than with his alias, by Minato while they were waiting around in the pods before the experiments started. He learned how England was the winner of the Labyrinth event and had to deal with all three of their crazy personas, not to mention all the other powers of those that had been in the event. The victory and the power shenanigans, and earned England Jin's respect for being able to put up with all that bullshit.

Then he and Minato got into an argument over whether England or the Condesce was a bigger threat to Jason, and Jin put his money on England. By doing so he kind of inadvertently praised the guy, but he still bets that England could kick the fish bitch's ass to this day.



A girl with technopathic abilities, which apparently means that she can control technology. And hey, for a tech geek, even for Jin, that's kind of cool.

April was on the Hacker team during the body-swap event, while she was stuck in Naoya's body. She helped cover their asses while they went to work on the computer, and even helped out a bit with the computer when he was starting to nod off. Seeing as she was around for his first major victory, he definitely doesn't hold any dislike. And since she's a fellow-tech specialist...well, he thinks he's better than her, yes, but she's probably smarter than most of the others around here.



Another member of the Hacker team, someone he didn't actually meet before-hand at all. She helped killed and attack the drones, among other things while they were trying to collect the supplies they needed.

The awkward part comes when he didn't even receive her name and first saw her when she was stuck in Ronald Knox's body, and thus he has no idea what she actually looks like. He may not even know she's actually a girl. Aaaawkwaaaard.



Enoch operated more on the offensive side of the Hacker Team, dealing with the drones, attacking them, getting out the syringes they needed from their compartments, and so on. It was a big help, so it's not one he can underestimate.

Jin encountered Enoch briefly before when he was going through a loony period, and the guy offered to help. Which, Jin immediately did not care about because he doesn't like people, and filed Enoch away as another annoying hero. Tl;dr the opinions pretty ambiguous.



As far as Jin can gather, it's some kind of robot that either is really full of himself for using "we," or is some kind of multiple consciousness in one. He doesn't really know or care.

His first interaction with Legion actually wasn't that bad, though all of Jin's sarcasm and figurative language was lost on them. The robot turned out to be pretty helpful when they were hacking the terminals, as they were able to help the effort when Jin and Naoya needed an hour or two of sleep (after all, they were only human). Though he'd probably try and reprogram Legion if he could, honestly. Just to prove he could.



Jin offered to help Doc work on the Animus video game over the network once upon a time, as he's always looking for distractions and projects to keep his mind occupied, and he thought the idea of an Animus video game where you got to beat up Jason would be hysterical. And honestly, he's probably still working on that on his laptop.

Doc became part of the Hacker team when he tried to defend Sertoria from Jin's insults directed towards...both of them. Bodyswaps are complicated. The point is they kind of worked together, but Jin basically insulted him a lot. Whoops?



Another robot, though this one Jin has deemed infinitely more annoying and with a far less competent AI. She wanted to help the hackers while she was stuck in Doc's body, but Jin rejected her help, since she wasn't an android at the time, and two or three people working on one terminal was already tedious (and Jin didn't trust the others enough to split into two groups). She argued back, Jin got annoyed, and thankfully Naoya resolved the situation so they could get to work.



A man that Jin offered his abilities to over the network. Ganondorf was searching for those skilled with computers, and Jin answered the call out of boredom. It just got even better when Ganondorf revealed he wanted to hack into the Tower's security system, which Jin was very OK with. Though they both got on each other's nerves a bit, they both still know what they're doing.



A guy Jin met at the party after the body-swap event. Luke asked if Jin was alright in reaction to the massive bruising that Jin had given...himself, under his eye, and Jin simply started snarking and making fun of him until he scared Luke away.

It's sure to be the start of yet another snippy and mocking relationship.



Jin first met Kidou when he was stuck in Sayaka's body, and was practicing soccer techniques. Seeing as this kid was in the body of one of his best friends, of course he kind of struck up a conversation. He started out by warning him about Sayaka's magic supply, and then it devolved to Jin being confused about dimensional soccer.

Seriously, why penguins?