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==>Be Jin Shirato

Are you really sure you want to do that? You should take some time to rethink that decision, because it's a really bad one. Seriously, we'll wait.

You're still gonna go through with it? Alright, if you insist!

Your name is now JIN SHIRATO, and boy does your life suck.

As we're sure you've been made well aware, you now have a HORRIBLE MURDEROUS PERSONA stuck in your head. A normal Persona is the phsyical manifestation of one's psyche, and the mask they wear to face hardships. A normal Persona-User has a very strong sense of self, despite their insecurities, so you've got a very tough counter-will on your hands! Jin's will is particularly notable, since he was able to maintain his sense of self despite the HORRIBLE MURDEROUS PERSONA trying to overtake his mind (other members of the Strega project were killed by their Personas in a HORRIFYING AND GRUESOME MANNER).

A STREGA PERSONA however is not the natural manifestation of the psyche; it is in fact, a Shadow forcibly planted into their minds. A SHADOW is the negativity that derives from the human subconcious. The mind naturally clashes against the foreign psyche (think of it as an immune system clashing against a foreign contaminent), and the two different selves (the unnatural Persona and the natural sense of self) regularly conflict. The Persona tries to overwhelm the original self so it could take over-- it tries to take over the mind and kill the Persona-User, thus giving it control as well as setting it free fromt he unnatural containment within the User's mind.

Jin's Artificial Persona is known as MOROS-- the Personification and Prophet of DOOM in GREEK MYTHOLOGY (he is also the origin of the word MOROSE!) At all times, MOROS' voice can be heard in Jin's mind, regularly antagonizing him, predicting his own doom and demise, and generally threatening him. And there is NO WAY to turn the VOICE off. Jin has made a habit of keeping his thoughts busy and has learned to ignore Moros, but you might have a bit of a harder time doing that if this is your first time! PERSONA SUPPRESSANT DRUGS help dull the VOICE, and it is also the only thing that can reliably keep Moros from killing you, by doing it EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN CAN. These drugs have a SIDE-EFFECT however; over the years (combined with only barely getting enough food and sleep), Jin's body has become FRAIL and ALMOST DECREPIT. The drugs naturally reduce one's live spam, taking a toll both physically and neurologically. Before coming to THE TOWER, Jin's remaiing lifespan was most LESS THAN SEVEN YEARS REMAINING, so needless to say, his body is in REALLY HORRIBLE CONDITION, regularly having aches and pains in his limbs and joints. Try not to physically strain yourself too much, lest you make things worse.

(Because of his time in the Tower, Jin has begun conversing with Moros more than normal, but tht doesn't make it any less volatile and ready to KILL HIS SORRY ASS.)

The HORRIBLE MURDER PERSONA does have a few advantages however. Moros is a primarily a COMBAT PERSONA, and lucky for you, in the original canon, Jin was an ENDGAME BOSS FIGHT-- which means he has access to MAGIC SKILLS of EVERY ELEMETAL TYPE, as well as every PHYSICAL type. He is RESISTANT TO FIRE AND DARKNESS, and has no natural weaknesses. Not a bad trade-off for a maliciously evil voice haunting your sleep! More information about Moros' abilities can be found HERE. NOTE: The mun typically uses the JANUARY 31ST SKILLSET.

Like all Persona-users from PERSONA 3, Jin requires a special object called an EVOKER in order to summon his Persona safely-- a fake gun that invokes the fear of death in Persona when they "shoot" themselves, thus triggering the Persona as a sort of FIGHT-OR-FLIGHT DEFENSE RESPONSE to come attack. It is possible to summon the Persona WITHOUT THE EVOKER, but this is DANGEROUSLY STRENIOUS TO THE MIND, and can lead to the Persona going out of control and seriously harm to the psyche.

All of this EVIL PERSONA BULLSHIT is the result of a scientific experiments from Jin's childhood, conducted by the KIRIJO GROUP, a large corporation in Jin's homeworld, based in a city called TATSUMI PORT. The STREGA PROJECT was an attempt to create artificial Personas in order to explore ANOTHER DOOM TOWER known as TARTARUS, to fight SHADOWS, and to occupy THE DARK HOUR-- a hidden hour that occurs every day at midnight. Normal people are transformed into COFFINS and in stasis during this time, so time passes from 12:00 to 12:01 as it does in the REAL WORLD (whatever that is). THE DARK HOUR is when TARTARUS appears and when SHADOWS roam, but it doesn't maifest in THE CURRENT DOOM TOWER, so it's not really important.

Jin still has strong memories of THE STREGA EXPERIMENTS, and because of it, harbors an intense hatred for SCIENTISTS, AUTHORITY, and MEDICAL INSTRUMENTS. They have also left him ACCUTELY MENTALLY UNSTABLE and EMOTIONALLY STUNTED in more ways than one. He is QUICK TO ANGER, and often looks down on others simply for existing and being less intelligent. Jin regularly stradles the line between SANITY AND INSANITY, and it doesn't take much to knock him over the edge, though he's a bit better than his teammates at restraining his psychosis.

Led by MINATO AND TAKAYA, Jin and CHIDORI were able to escape the scientific prison of the Kirijo Facilities, and took up a life on the streets. The TRAUMA from Moros and the experiemnts was dealt with by a philosophy of no regrets-- FORGET THE PAST AND THE FUTURE, AND LIVE IN THE PRESENT. During the INFIGHTING EVENT, Jin relates this as focusing on surviving only the current minute and the current perdicament; count to five, and you've survived another five seconds. Then focus on living through the next five seconds. He worries only about LIVING IN THE PRESENT, and here, that means STRIKING OUT AGAINST THE ADMINS EVEN IF THEY TURN YOU INTO AN EVIL BLODOTHIRSTY CATMONSTER. Ironically, because of the INFIGHTING EVENT, he has begun to betray his own philosophy, and still vividly remembers operating on the other members of JASON'S POD in the LAST WEEK OF THE EVENT. He still hasn't figure out how to cope with it, and instead IGNORES IT, and avoids his old pod-mates.

He is an ORPHAN, and has NO FUCKING IDEA who his parents are, who they were, if they're alive, or their names. He really DIDN'T CARE TO FIND OUT, and his last name is the only ties to them he has (though even he can't be sure if it's his real last name-- he doesn't even know HOW OLD HE IS or WHEN HE WAS BORN!) He was taken into the STREGA PROJECT at a young age, and didn't grow close to anyone until he and his teammates formed STREGA after their escape. As such, he doesn't know how to express AFFECTION or CLOSENESS to people, and in fact such gestures make him UNCOMFORTABLE. Because of this, he appears DISTANT even towards those he doesn't totally hate, unless he's HUMOROUSLY SNARKING-- and he does so enjoy to make fun of people. His past has made him NATURALLY HOSTILE, and he dislikes other people since next to no one would understand what Strega hs been through-- although the tower is changing that.

The Strega group lived on the streets after their escape, and made a living in THEFT and MURDER. Jin began a website known as REVENGE REQUEST, where people could take out a hit on those they wanted revenge on. The group would investigate the hits, and only pick a few in each area to carry out-- and only if they deserved it, and received payment for it. This was all Minato's idea however, and Jin doesn't have a problem with harming innocents. TAKAYA, another boy from the experiments, was expelled from the group because he killed someone who was innocent against Minato's wishes. Jin is exceedingly LOYAL however, and didn't think Takaya deserved to be abandoned, and maintained contact with him after he left.

Back in their homeworld, the STREGA group came into conflict with the SPECIAL EXTRACIRRICULAR EXECUTION SQUAD-- or SEES for short. They were a group of NATURAL PERSONA USERS that wanted to END THE DARK HOUR, while Strega wanted it to persist. The LEADER Of the group turned out to be MINAMI ARISATO, MINATO'S YOUNGER SISTER. Jin has yet to understand why the family relation would change anything. Before coming to the tower, Chidoi has recently been kidnapped by SEES, and the rest of Strega were putting in a plan to get her back.

Jin is an EXPLOSIVES EXPERT, able to construct bombs from household ingredients, and in fat has able to assemble a reasonable cache here in the tower, though many of them were destroyed by THE FUCKING SPACE WHALE. He has a small amount of scars on his arm from FAILED PAST ATTEMPTS at constructing explosives, and because of his regularly close proximity to them, has BLOWN OUT HIS HEARING a bit-- not completely deaf, but his ears aren't as sensitive as they were when he was a child. He is NATURALLY FAR-SIGHTED and requires perscription glasses, but his illegal life as an assassin doesn't lend well to going to the doctor, so he simply wears a pair of READING GLASSES he stole in a convenience store. As such, his vision can be a bit FUZZY. On the other hand, he has SURPRISINGLY EXCELLENT COORDINATION, and is very good at aimig. Which is good, since his weapon of choice is THROWN HAND GRENADES. Of note, he is also LEFT-HANDED.

He also is very well-versed in COMPUTER MECHANICS and PROGRAMMING. He has been able to take apart and re-build computers on his own, can hack into governmet files, runs his own untraceable website back home, and has even been working on the up-keep of a REAL ROBOT back home. Everything he knows,from his literacy to computer know-how is SELF-TAUGHT, and he has never attended school a day in his life. He's also FUCKING AWESOME at VIDEO GAMES. At the run-down abandoned warehouse-esque thing that Strega called HOME, Jin was in charge of upkeep, including making sure the WATER HEATER worked.