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Player Information

Name: Plus
Personal Journal: [personal profile] plusone
Age: 20
Contact Info: AIM; plusanagi PLURK; oleseiayh
Other Characters Played: N/A (apping OU Ven)

Character Information

Character Name: Jin Shirato
Character Series: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
Character Age:16-17 (17-18 with animus time)
Character Gender: Male
Alternate Universe 1
Canon Point: After Chidori’s been captured by SEES.
Background Link: Persona 3
Jin’s Info.
And this super awesome AU summary that Char did.
AU Background: Jin’s life began as a dirt poor street urchin, and it somehow only got worse from there. Interested in the study of Shadows and things called Personas, the Scientists of the Kirijo Group gathered together poor kids like Jin—kids that nobody would notice they were missing. Jin had no idea what they were talking about when it came to “Shadows,” and “Potential,” but he was forced into a series of undoubtedly immoral, painful and traumatizing laboratory experiments for the sake of creating “Death.” Through these experiments, the children of the experimental group were forced to summon these Personas: manifestations of the psyche. Because they were not born with the potential however, a vast majority of them turned into shadows, and only a handful survived.

It was thanks to one of the survivors—a blue-haired boy named Minato—that Jin escaped the Kirijo Lab facility, along with two other survivors, Chidori and Takaya. The kids banned together to survive, although thanks to the experiments that brought out their Personas, their new time was limited; the Personas they were able to summon were violent and homicidal, and they were forced to take dangerous drug suppressants to keep their Personas from killing them. And if it wasn’t the drugs that one day killed them, it was the Personas that were. The four of them grew up knowing they would die early and at any time, and so death just became as regular a part of living as going to sleep.

Regardless, the four of them stayed together, and formed the group known as Strega under Minato and Takaya’s leadership. They trained their Personas during a mysterious time called the Dark Hour—a mysterious hour after midnight where normal people transmogrified into coffins and the Shadows came out, and they continued taking the Suppressants from an unknown source. The group continued getting by as best they could, until one day Jin and Minato came up with the idea of a website where they could use their abilities to benefit themselves, and came up with Revenge Request, where people could request hits on people. Minato set out provisions that they would only accept hits after extensive research, and only if they deserved it. They carried out these operations during the Dark Hour; that, and their habit of doing a few hits before moving to a new city earned them notoriety on the internet, which Jin eagerly egged on anonymously on internet forums to elevate them to urban legend status.

However, one day they received a hit that Minato refused to take. Jin didn’t have a problem with it (it’s not like it was the first time they refused a request with a good offer because the person didn’t deserve it), but Takaya went against Minato’s orders and carried out the hit anyway, along with killing the whole family. And really, Jin didn’t have a problem with this either, after a while. The guy was a jerk, and everyone dies eventually, what was done was done. Minato and Chidori however, took issue with it even more; they wanted to kick Takaya out of the group, but Jin was outraged by the suggestion. It was only after a lot of convincing and persuading that Jin begrudgingly agreed, and they left Takaya in some nondescript location with some money and went on their way. Jin however, was still indignant about this decision; though he trusted Minato and Chidori’s judgment, he secretly kept in contact with Takaya, though he thereafter sank into a bit of melancholy.

Strega eventually returned to Port Island, and Jin discovered the shell of an Anti-Shadow Weapon developed by Kirijo Group. Still a bit melancholic he threw himself into his work, including crafting various bombs and explosives until he got over it. Eventually they encountered SEES—a group of natural Persona users that were trying to get rid of the Dark Hour—when someone requested a hit on Mitsuru Kirijo, their leader. Strega remained in Tatsumi Port after a clash between their respective leaders, and they’ve been actively trying to work against SEES to prevent them from ending the Dark Hour.

Along the way, Strega adopted a natural Persona user named Ken Amada into their ranks, though they kept him out of the worst parts of the business to protect him. Chidori also discovered an injured dog named Koromaru fighting shadows—oddly enough, another natural Persona-user. They adopted the dog into their group as well (against Jin’s inclinations), and even got him his own special evoker, and the two fit into the group surprisingly well.

Chidori eventually approached SEES herself, and attempted to abduct Junpei—a member of SEES claiming to be the leader. When this backfired, she was taken into custody by SEES herself, and Strega immediately began a plan to try and rescue her. However, because of Jin’s contact with Takaya—albeit it had gradually grown less so over the months as he grew to accept Minato’s decision—, the ex-co-leader of Strega returned to Tatsumi Port just in time to murder Shinjiro Aragaki—a member of SEES and one of Strega’s clients—in defense of Ken, who had snuck off to try and kill Shinjiro himself.

Personality: A chilhood of living in a lab surrounded by scientists who only saw him as an experiment has made Jin incredibly hostile and cynical. He's quick to be scornful and critical, jump to the worst conclusion immediately, and doesn't trust people very easily. Or at all. The only people he trusts are the members of Strega, most of whom he's been with most of his life. If you can manage to gain his trust, he's fiercely loyal until the end, willing to go to any lengths to protect those he cares about. Literally, any lengths--though better than his canon version, Jin still posseses little to no proper moral compass. Knowing that he'd die early his whole life, he's accepted death as if it were an every day thing; and indeed, for him, it is. He sees it at least evey week, so it's fair to say that he's become jaded, and doesn't understand why people fear it so much when it's going to happen anyway. He does not believe, however, that it's fair to deliberately inflict suffering on someone for no good reason, but if he believes you're immoral or cruel to others, he usually has little to no qualms about extreme action. Even revenge aside, he's more likely to take the more extreme option, whether it be going full force, or completely retreating to regroup.

That said, Jin's incredibly stubborn; about mundane matters yes, but especially so on his world view. He's reluctant to admit when he's wrong (though he will, begrudgingly), and refuses to believe anything contrary to his beliefs and does a lot of rationalization. Since death will come eventually, he believes it's better to just worry about the immediate future and the present, and thus can be a bit impulsive. Because he doesn't have to act as the sane man to stabalize Takaya and Chidori as in the original canon, Jin is much more risky and rash, taking less time to think his decisions through and jumping to conclusions more often, since Minato and Chidori are able to even him out more; though he's not rash to a delusional extent. However, his world view, though quite cynical already, is oddly black and white; you're either wrong or right, which filters basically to with him or against him, and most people he sees as against him. And while he's not necessarily naive, he is easily blind in his loyalty; he still has trouble accepting that Takaya would betray him like he did

His cynical nature doesn't help, but Jin has always been a bit of a deadpan snarker; although he acts a bit more rash himself, he will be quick to point out the improper logic and poke holes in someone else's words or argument. He's very cocky as well, taunting others without caring for the consequences, and even jokingly taking jabs at his own friends. Oddly enough, he does know how to enjoy himself, but he's a bit of a shut-in in that regards. He mostly spends his free time on the internet, researching or spreading rumors on forums, and building his own homemade explosives from ingredients he's been able to collect or steal (again, following recipes he's found on the internet). The shut-in part comes in full when he's upset, as working on something is the easiet way for him to cope. While he does care for his teammates (even Koromaru), he's rather bad at expressing it, though he does try--unfortunately, he's quick to anger and a bit socially awkward, not really understanding how mundane every-day interaction is supposed to go with people he hardly knows.

For those he's not close to, he'll usually just taunt or make fun of them--though again, he does this to those he's close to as well, just a bit more light-heartedly-- and offers back-handed comments, making himself come off as a bit arrogant. Which, he is; he very much believes he's a bit more superior, and can be kind of an insufferable know-it-all. Oddly enough, he does have a soft spot for kids, and while he doesn't know how to act around them exactly, he'll be less harsh to someone twelve years or younger. He will of course, never admit something like this, and for the most part try and keep up the image of being aloof and uncaring, which (regrettably, he believes) he is not.

Although protecting those he's loyal to is important to him, the number one most important thing to Jin is his freedom; he would easily rather die having the freedom to choose his actions than keep living for an average lifespan under lock and key. This easily contributes to his loyalty to Minato and Takaya, the ones who helped free him and the one who showed him he could still live his life albeit on a much smaller span of time. He's quick to anger normally, so if someone threatens his own freedom or those he's close to, there's easily up to a kamikaze attack in their future. He's very much a live in the moment kind of guy, just dealing with things as they come, and not thinking about his own actions will affect others, including his friends. Because of this, he's a bit narrow-minded, and indeed he usually keeps his focus on one thing or another.

Even though Jin easily acts rash and illogical, he’s actually very intelligent; he’s incredibly computer savvy, computer coding practically being a second language to him. He can hack into all sorts of systems and computers from his own laptop, and can make his trail completely untraceable; a valuable skill in his job at administrating an untraceable website. He’s good with the hardware as well, modifying his own computer and working on rebuilding the Anti-Shadow Weapon after it was practically trash. With the help of the internet, he’s also become an explosives expert, assembling all varieties of homemade incendiaries and bombs (grenades are his favorites). He’s not the strategist that Minato is due to letting his emotions get in the way, but he’s certainly capable of being smart in a tight situation.

Abilities: Due to the experimentation by the Kirijo Group, Jin was given the ability to summon a Persona; a manifestation of the self, and experience the Dark Hour. He can summon the persona with a device called an Evoker, essentially a fake gun that unleashes his Psyche. However, because he did not have the potential and his Persona was artificially induced by the experiments, Moros is at a dangerous risk of lashing back and killing or attempting to harm Jin himself; because of this, he has to take suppressants, which, although they drastically weaken the persona, also keep it under control (while also shortening Jin’s own lifespan to do it.)

His Persona, Moros, is proficient in Fire and Dark Magic, summoning flames to attack an enemy or the power of darkness to instantly knock one out. While this is Jin’s main method of attack, his persona is actually capable of elemental attacks from all across the spectrum, including Ice, Wind, Electricity, Light, Almighty, and various physical attacks. Fire and Dark seem to be his preferred however, and are perhaps the easiest for him to cast.

He’s a capable fighter even without his persona, due to the cache of bombs and explosives he always keeps on his person and in his briefcase, all of which he has manufactured himself. He’s proficient in computers and information technology, as well as knowing enough about the hardware (or at the least being a quick learner) to restore a robot.

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