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Jin Shirato ([personal profile] morituramfides) wrote2012-08-21 05:13 pm
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Character Inventory

Several changes of clothing Lost
x1 small canister of gun powder
x3 packs of matches Lost
x1 case of tin foil Lost
x2 small cans of lighter fluid Lost
x7 small segments of piping Lost
Trunk Contents:
x1 roll of duct tape
x1 box with a random assortment of wires Lost
x1 tool kit
x1 pack of cherry bombs Lost
A variety of commercial cleaning supplies, including ammonia and soap (Trimmed down due to the Attack)
A small variety of kitchen ingredients, including pepper, saltpeper, sugar, baking soda, etc. (Trimmed down due to the Attack)
A small handful of money, in various currencies. Lost
A small assortment of newly made explosives (Trimmed down due to the Attack)

On Person:
x1 metal briefcase containing:
x10 hand grenades
x4 homemade smoke bombs
x1 Laptop (Regained)
x1 lighter

x1 Evoker
x1 outfit consisting of glasses and green and black bomber jacket
x1 Bottle of Persona Suppressants
A few yen bills

From the Tower:
Extensive Notes on the Tower, with a Timeline
x1 Toy Doctor Kit (From Infighting)