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Jin Shirato ([personal profile] morituramfides) wrote2012-07-29 11:43 pm
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Headcanon Post

-Jin hs a slight perscription in his eyes; he can still see without them, though everything's a bit fuzzy, and far away objects are more blurry. Since he can't actually go to a doctor, he just steals reading glasses from convenience stores.

-His hearing has been harmed gradually over the past few years because of his close proximity to explosions. He can still hear just fine, but it wouldn't be smart to rely on it in the middle of a forest.

-He is basically the opposite of the Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory, and is actually uh more agreeable when talking to people online (though not without the typical internet trollery).

-He has zero knowledge or memory of his parents, as they either died or abandoned him before he was three. "Shirato" is the only remnant of his family, and he hasn't given a damn to research who they were.

-Because of his lack of a sufficient caretaker or parental figures, he doesn't really have a concept of parents or family, and doesn't understand that bond as normal people do.

-In addition, because of his parental situation and the experimentation from his early childhood, he's never grown past an emotional immaturity and ineptitude when forming close relationships. So he has no idea how those really work.

-He literally grew up on the streets, learning to fend for himself at a very early age. The orphanage picked him up when he was young, but it was more of a formality; as a trouble-maker from an early age, he never actually stayed there ever at all.

-He and the rest of Strega are old friends with Shinjiro, though Takaya and Chidori less so.

-He has a bunch of old, faded burn scars up and down his arms from bad experiments gone wrong when he was younger. Somehow he managed to not blow up his eyeball.

-His hair no longer grows in normally on part of the right side of his head due to surgeries that occurred during his time at the Kirijo Group. Because of that, he just shaves it to make it even, resulting in his weirdass hairstyle.

-He's pretty handy mechanically, not just with computers, and is in charge of the general upkeep of their hideout (including the water boiler in particular, which hidori nags him about a lot).